It's all happening at Bhamsterdam Smoke Shop Lounge

At Bhamsterdam Smoke Shop Lounge, we're more than just a clothing shop and CBD dispensary. Our local, black-owned business is your community jackpot in Birmingham, AL. We're excited to launch multiple events this year, starting with Big Gipp from Goodie Mob on April 17th. Check back here throughout the year for announcements on upcoming shows and events.

An Official Distributor of Gipp Goodies

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Bhamsterdam Smoke Shop Lounge is a black-owned business with deep roots in Birmingham. Our local CBD dispensary sells all-natural, high-quality edibles, oils and flower. We're an official distributor of Gipp Goodies products, and we're releasing our very own line of CBD items produced and sold locally.

In addition to CBD, we also sell exclusive items like:

Clothing, jewelry and accessories

Handmade soaps and lotions

All-natural fragrances and incense

Documentaries, poetry and CDs

You can order online for delivery or visit our local shop to browse our merchandise. If you have any questions about the CBD products or any other items we sell, reach out at 8774202471 or 205-757-1638. We're always happy to help.